Massachusetts Woodlands Institute

The Massachusetts Woodlands Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to (a) maintain the environment and character of the woodlands of Massachusetts; (b) conserve and enhance forest resources; and (c) foster community economic development.

The Institute carries out its mission through grants from private, state, and federal sources and collaborations with stakeholders in the community. The Institute began its work with a series of case studies on small forest-based enterprises in western Massachusetts. These studies focused on landowners who make part or all of their living from their forests – in creative and sustainable ways. Additional funding allowed the studies to be compiled into a book, Profiles from Working Woodlands: Exploring Forest Based Enterprises in Western Massachusetts. In November 2004, the Institute co-sponsored a conference with local organizations to share these exciting stories with landowners interested in creating similar businesses from their own woodlands, strengthening and diversifying the local economy while preserving a precious resource.

The Massachusetts Woodlands Institute will build upon these initial efforts by exploring funding opportunities for program development and through continued collaborations with local organizations.